A top ten list…

Netflix Y’all:

  1. Numb3rs: If you do not know what this show is, it is a crime show about two brothers who work together to solve crimes for the FBI. Why I love it? It is interesting, the characters are great, and it is a crime show with very minimal blood. Look, I work in a hospital and have no real desire to stare at blood and guts in my off time.
  2. Bob’s Burgers: This show might be one of the funniest things I ever watched. Each character is so relatable. Also it makes me feel so much better about being weird.
  3. The Black List: A newer show so only the first two seasons are on but well worth it. This is a little more blood and guts than the first show I mentioned. However, I believe it is done in a good way and not to be over the top. Very suspenseful.
  4. Supernatural: Sam and Dean. There is your reason to watch right there. This show is all about explaining the things that go bump in the night. Also, this is about as into scary movies or tv shows as I get.
  5. Wayne’s World: Okay this is my favorite movie of all time and be ready to listen to be quote it word for word if we watch it together.
  6. Futurama: Another cartoon style show but so funny. It is also a show that was canceled and was brought back which to me says a lot.
  7. Portlandia: I know, I know. Everyone is watching this show right? This is a show I like to watch over and over again and each time I catch something different. Plus again totally a show that encourages you to be weird!
  8. Raising Hope: This show was canceled too soon. Four seasons of great stories, amazing jokes, and the characters that totally steal your heart.
  9. The Addams Family: Again a movie I would say is at the top of my favorite movie list. Please watch it.
  10. Grace and Frankie: This is a Netflix original show. While the center of the show is two relationships going through divorce I can see a lot that applies to life in general. Having friends to support you, being there for your family, and learning that you are valuable on your own and any partner you may have should just add to you not make you.

What are your Netflix top 10? Anything you love and watch over and over? I am sure I could name more, let’s be real I know I could.

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