Work it out y’all

So let’s face it, Colorado is healthy and fit. Where I was born and raised…well let’s just say Arkansas really focuses less on being healthy and more on finding the right gravy for your morning biscuit.

So how do you figure out your best work out in a place full of so many options? Try everything! One of my favorite ways to try places out is Groupon. I was able to get a pass for a small, local gym that had Zumba, Body Pump, and more. I paid $20 for 10 classes which is a great deal. Another great resource happened to be free. Since we are new to Colorado we are renting and apartment which means apartment gym. The gym is somewhat small and the machines are certainly not brand new, however it is there. I can think of many apartment gyms I just let sit unused when I could have done a lot more. Free weights, treadmills, and bikes give you many options.

For me Reformer Pilates has been an amazing work out. I feel like I found something I really enjoy and has helped me feel lean and strong. I found out about it through a local blog. That is another way to find out about great work out options. Search for local blog giveaways and see what you can find out.

Lastly, explore the local state parks. Here in Colorado not only are there many to choose from but they all have so many different things to offer. From hiking, to paddle boarding, bike trails, and even skiing and other summer or winter sports, I can’t imagine not finding something in your price range and something you would enjoy.

I know every state park has different options for getting outdoors and getting in some exercise so go check yours out.

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