A new Yoga studio (to me): CorePower

I went for a free teacher in training class over the weekend and was pretty surprised. While the class was taught by multiple teachers it had a great flow. The studio was clean, large enough for the group to comfortably spread out, and had mirrors on the wall we were facing which made focusing on form easier. I personally brought my own yoga mat, block, and water because that is my preference. However, if you needed those things they had them for your use. Yoga mats and blocks were free and towels were a $1 rental. The women’s locker room was as nice as any spa I have been to. Clean, well lit, showers were available if needed, and at the sink counters were really high quality products to help you out after a good work out. I also was really happy to see that lockers came with locks and keys for free! All you had to do was give them your car key to hold and you could get a lock. Which not everyone would want to do but I had no issue. Though next time I will bring my own lock because I do have one and might as well use it, right?

I would say if anything you need to make sure you are properly hydrated before yoga, dressed properly, and decide if you are open to correction from teachers. During the beginning of class, while we were focused on breathing and eyes closed, we were asked if we would accept corrections during class. That means if your form is off they could walk around and help you get things corrected. Since not everyone wants to be touched they give you that option so you do not feel uncomfortable. The few corrections I got were very kind and did not make my feel uncomfortable at all.

CorePower does your first week free and when they have teacher in training classes those are free. That is a really great way to give the studio a test drive without making a large financial commitment. Prices seem pretty standard for a yoga studio in my city. One class is $20, 5 classes are $95, and so on. They offer an unlimited plan for one month at $190 or three months at $450. For me it is more realistic to buy the 5, 10, or 20 class package deals because they have no expiration date. With the other fitness classes I take yoga would be more of a once a week or every other week option.

Have you tried yoga? Corepwer Yoga? What did you think? Pros/Cons?

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