Meal Prep Madness

For me having the same thing every day is not a good way to stay on plan. If you can, Great! Do it and stick to it. For me what works is having options. I plan my grocery list and meal plan for two weeks at a time. I make sure I do have my staples like apples, bananas, berries, greek yogurt, protein options, and vegetables that are in season. I plan five dinners for each week because I will have left overs and I know we will go out to dinner once on the weekend. I also plan a few different lunch options that are easy to throw together the night before.

Typically at night I get my breakfast and lunch together, get my gym clothes packed up, wash out any water bottle I am taking for the day, and lastly plan my work clothes. This means two things. One, that I can sleep in a little later in the morning and who doesn’t love that. Two that when I do get up and going it takes me less than 20 minutes to get dressed, gather my things, and walk out the door. For me that is what works.  The best thing you can do is figure out a routine for getting ready for the next day that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Here is a sample menu plan for one week:


Chicken baked in the oven, steamed vegetables, and baked red potatoes

Ground turkey tacos in lettuce wraps, homemade guacamole, cucumbers, and Quest protein chips

One pan dinner: Kale or spinach, red potatoes diced, tomatoes, onion, and ground turkey

Soup (low sodium chicken noodle or tomato from Trader Joe’s) and whole wheat grilled cheese

Steak, steamed broccoli, steamed green beans, and small green salad

Quinoa, chicken, and fresh veggies (typically cucumbers, carrots, and a little homemade sour cream ranch dip)


Homemade grown up lunchable: Sliced mozzarella, carrots, cucumbers, hummus, and Quest protein chips

Whole wheat turkey sandwich with provolone, fresh baby spinach, vegan mayo (because I like that best) and mustard with an apple

Homemade guacamole, Quest protein chips, turkey and cheese roll ups

Turkey pepperoni, sliced Colby jack, celery with pb, and a banana

Big salad with mix greens, sliced lunch meat, tomatoes, cucumber, and some purple cabbage


Fruit, Cheese Sticks, low or no salt mix nuts, protein bars or meal replacement bars, greek yogurt

Breakfast-(Typically I alternate between a few things)

Greek Yogurt with berries

Eggs and Bacon (I make this ahead of time and pre package)

Apple with peanut butter

Breakfast burrito with whole wheat tortilla (made at home, wrapped up, and frozen so I can just heat it up as needed)

Figure out what works for you. What do you enjoy? Can you make a large amount of food and portion it out for a few days? Do you need pre made meals?

Good luck y’all!

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