Product Reviews: A mix bag!

So instead of doing a few separate posts I wanted to do one product(s) review for all my recently tried out fitness products.

Clothing: Old Navy Active (Plus) I used to love Old Navy, I would searching through the clearance rack and check out every single thing that was in my size. Then for a while I just was not into the quality of the product. So, for about three years I kind of put them on my back burner. Recently though I was given some Old Navy gift cards and thought it would be a good way to shop and not spend my own money. Ha! I did not look at the clothing for work or casual but only the active wear clothing. I bought a couple of tops. They are muscle tee style (meaning sleeveless) but the part I loved was the high neck. Sounds weird right? In a normal tank top the neck line is scoop and for me a little low cut. Personally I am not at the gym to show off my goodies and while a normal t-shirt is nice it can get hot. These muscle tee’s are made from the wicking/active dry fabric, have a t-shirt style neck line, and have no sleeves. For me that is a win win!

WalMart- I get it. Not everyone wants to shop at WalMart. Growing up in Arkansas I thought nothing about running into WalMart for food, drinks, clothes, gifts, everything. But, in Colorado I have found mix reviews. So from this Arkansas girl here is my review. WalMart has some really sure cute workout clothes if you are anything UNDER plus size. If you are plus size it is hit or miss. I generally find the online shop to be better but that doesn’t mean I can’t find deals in store. Recently they had yoga pants for $9 that were Danskin brand. They had legging style yoga pants, Capri legging, Capri straight leg, and boot cut style yoga pants. They even had average and tall sizes! For $9 it is almost impossible to go wrong. The quality surprised me though. Well made, good stitching (important to check that out folks), and were active dry material. I got the straight leg capri yoga pants and love them. They are great for yoga, pilates, cardio, and just about all my gym time.

Food: Quest Protein chips. Yum y’all. Listen, carbs are my most favorite thing in the world. If I am going to over eat something then chances are it is carb based or even worse a chip or French fry. The Quest Protein chips come in multiple flavors including plain, salt and vinegar, BBQ, cheddar and sour cream, sour cream and onion, and I am sure I am missing something else. The thing is there are options. I can use the plain ones with guacamole or salsa, have others with a sandwich, or even use them as a great part of my before or after workout routine. They are crunchy, tasty, and can be bought as singles or in a box of multiples. At GNC they run approximately $17 for 8 or just over $2 for a single bag. Yes it isn’t cheap for chips, I get that. However in my case it is cheaper to spend money buying something like this than ten bags of regular chips. A serving is one bag and they are a decent size. For one serving you get 120 calories, 5grams of Carbs, 21grams of Protein, and 150grams of sodium. If you have looked at the back of a bag of ‘normal’ chips you would be hard pressed to find similar claims.

Water Bottles: Nalgene Bottles, Bubba Brand mugs, and Tervis Tumbler cups are my three go to brands. All of them, in my opinion, make a great product. I like BPA free plastic and while most of them I end up needing to hand wash instead of run through the dish washer, I would rather have a quality product I have to take care of than something cheap that ends up in the trash.

Accessories: Yes, I said accessories. I am a woman who has had long hair, short hair, every color, so may styles so making sure I can keep my hair out of my face has always been an issue. A long time ago I started wearing bandanas instead of expensive work out headbands. I can wear them in multiple styles, they are very affordable, and they come in any color and pattern you could possible want. I wash them as needed and they hold up really well. I have had a few name brand work out headbands that required hand washing and air drying and even with that they did not last long and stretched out fast. So while I might be willing to hand wash my water bottles because they last I am not going to hand wash headbands that wear out in a month. Another thing I really enjoy are my Sony around the ear headphones. For years the only headphones I liked were the Apple headphones, especially the new ones. They sat in my ear well, I could wear them during a workout, and they were pretty affordable. The thing is though they were tangled just about as soon as you took them out of the package and they were white for about a day before they got dingy. I thought after my last pair went out I would look for something different. I am super weird about my ears so I was not sure if I would like the around the ear style of headphones but the Sony pair I bought are adjustable and don’t make me feel like something is in my ear. They do not have any buttons on the cord, meaning sweat can’t ruin them. Even better they are $20 from Target! I have read a LOT of mix reviews about these headphones but for me they work. Sony has multiple options so I suggest checking them out.

What are some of the products you can’t live without?

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