Colorado So Far.

So far Colorado has been very good to us. We needed that. In a big way.

After a little bit of a slow start we are both now working full time! Praise the Lord. I am still working in cancer research and my awesome husband got a job working patient admissions. So we are both working really hard to move up and better our future.

We have made some small day trips to Breckenridge over the last few months. It is so beautiful there. The weather was very kind to us, the food was amazing, and we even took the dogs last time. They sure were worn out after walking all over town. I have not ventured into the ski parts of Breckenridge. My hope is that maybe next ski season I will be a little more confident and ready to try a bunny slope!

Speaking of weather Colorado weather is nothing to be expected. While I do know we are through winter, there is still a possibility of Spring snow. So we are on the watch for that. But, so far the last couple of weeks have been full of some of the best weather I have ever experienced. I guess because there is no humidity it doesn’t feel like you are swimming when the temp is up to 80 degrees! So that is a change for sure.

There are a lot of great places we are hoping to check out this summer. Be on the look out for some great pictures!


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