Medifast Meal Plan

Just like one million other people this year I am starting off 2015 taking better care of my diet. I used to love to work out. Well, let me rephrase that. I used to really enjoy how I felt right after I spent an hour on the elliptical. I felt like I could do anything!

But, back then my husband work nights and weekends. I was in a brand new to me home. I was on a roll with my diet. I felt good. Things obviously caught up with me.

Now I am focusing just on my diet. I am praying that my energy levels start to go up and that I will feel better about working out. I know you have seen those quotes, “Abs are made in  the kitchen”. I don’t know about abs for sure…or at all! But, I do know that for me feeling good starts there.

I have always had a strained relationship with food. It was a reward when good, a punishment when bad, a comfort for all my pains, and something I abused like a drug. To me the difference in food and drugs were simply that I need food to live. A person could put down drugs and never go back to them. Food is something you simply can’t say no to.

So, here I am starting to prep Medifast meals. Day after day. Trying to stay focused and trying to use food as fuel.

My prep is pretty simple. I figure out which Medifast meals I want for each day and bag them up. Then all I have to do is grab them and go. Because I am on thyroid medication there are some meals I can’t have first thing in the morning. Personally I am not a fan of the medifast eggs. Instead I have a small amount of greek yogurt and peanut butter or an egg. I need the protein first thing in the morning so I can feel good.

Oh and water y’all! I am working on making sure to drink at least 100 oz. of water a day. Sometimes more if I can. I also am on day for of no Coke (or soda, or pop, whatever you call it where you are from). I am detoxing nicely. I have lost the initial headaches, I am starting to feel good, and I am starting to get into a rhythm of what to eat and when to eat it.

Medifast is certainly not for everyone. I was lucky enough to get hooked up with a good amount for free from a friend who was no longer using the product. My goal is to get organized enough and save enough money so that when I need to reorder I can. Down the line I will be sharing my tips for making the meals work better for me and you. So be on the look out.


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