Things I have learned in Colorado

I don’t know about you but I sure got comfortable in my home town. I knew that the summers would be hot and humid, I knew I needed an umbrella in my car all year, a little bit of snow meant no milk or bread at the grocery store, and I knew that I was lucky enough to enjoy the farmers market for most of the year. Also, you get used to your family being right down the road. I got comfortable knowing my mom and sister were so close.

But, not in Colorado. I have learned I need to carry a couple of different layers in my car all the time. It might snow and be 50 degrees in the same 24 hour period, my car is going to be filthy dirty thanks to the salt and slush on the road, and the mountains mean I am facing west. Not that facing west means much to me really ha ha. But, it is what I have been told. Plus now I can’t just call my sister and mom to eat lunch on a random Saturday. It makes me work a lot harder to call my family and stay connected.

Things are certainly different here. I can tell you so far it has been amazing. We have been able to visit the pumpkin patch, go up to the mountains, eat at some great new places, and spend time with our friends and even get to drive down south to spend time with Jared’s sister and brother in law.

Colorado is full of so many great things. I really can’t wait for summer to explore even more. Anyone from Colorado have any suggestions for things to do in the summer?


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