Our Happy New Year!

Jared and I were lucky enough to head down to Pagosa Springs, CO to ring in the New Year with family. We drove down Wednesday to a little bit of snow already on the ground, which was beautiful. The mountains, the snow, the sky, it was all like a post card. Wednesday night we had homemade pizza with Jared’s sister and bro-in-law and settled in for a relaxing few days.

Thursday morning we woke up to at least ten inches of snow on the ground. In some places it was well over a foot! I was actually pretty pleased with that because we got to walk around in the fresh snow and when we were not doing that we were inside checking out the views.

While we were down there Jared’s sister was kind enough to split her sourdough started with me. I have fed it already and am keeping it in the fridge for now hoping it does not grow faster than I can deal with it ha! I am excited to bake with it though. I know it will be good because she made pizza crust and garlic knots with it for dinner and they were amazing.

Check me out below in the snow buy the VW bus!



I know a lot of people are working on resolutions for the New Year. For me that never has worked. So this year I am going to focus on just one thing. That is leading by example. It is not my resolution it is my goal. I know, I know, everyone is going to say those are the same thing. But, for me it is a different mindset. I feel like a goal is something I can work towards and build off of. So, this year I am taking to heart an amazing quote from Maya Angelou, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude about.”

Print this reminder out below. Stick it on your desk, on the fridge, in your purse. Where ever you need reminded that you can change your situation or your attitude.

Click here to print. This is a photo I took on our way through the mountains for our New Year visit down in Pagosa and it really seemed fitting with my goal for the year.

maya angelou

Happy 2015 to everyone!

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