My Medifast Journey

I wanted to give y’all some of my favorite tips and tricks when it comes to Medifast.

1. Sign up for the free coaching. So far my experience has been great. My coach started off talking on the phone everyday for my first week. Then she switched to regular texts. Depending on the week sometimes it is once and sometimes every other day. It is nice because I know I am not getting overwhelmed by the amount of calls and texts, but we speak often enough that she can help me with rough days or weeks.

2. Find what you like and stick with it. I love the smores bars, mashed potatoes, and the vanilla shakes. Knowing what I like makes choosing my meals daily so much easier.

3. Mix it up! There are some great websites that can teach you how to turn Medifast soups into chips, no carb and low carb breads, and how to get more flavor with out loading up on salt. Do the research. It makes such a difference.

4. This will be my last point for today. It is the BEST thing I have done and that is be prepared. Every night before prep clothes for the next day (which is another great tip ha!) I make sure to pick out my meals for work the next day. I ensure I have my shaker bottle, silverware, microwave safe container, and some flavor boosters. Being prepared is the best way to stay on plan.

Personally, I am starting this new year with a focus on being a better person. Inside and out. That to me means getting healthy. Instead of worrying about the number on the scale I am going to focus on making healthier choices. I have spent a lot of years fighting the battle of the bulge and I hope that this year I can shed pounds and be happy while doing it.

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