Movin’ on Up

Way up. We moved from Arkansas to Colorado. So we are up in altitude for sure!

So, for Jared and I, our longtime dream had been to pick up from Arkansas and move. I think every month or even every week we had a new idea of a new place. Some days it was Mexico, or Florida, or Washington, or California. But, we always came back around to Colorado.

Colorado is a place we have visited many times. Jared has family there and my best friend and her husband and amazing children live there. So it was always a place we felt welcomed. We love the weather, the mountains, the breweries, and all the things to do. We have even taken several road trips from Arkansas to Colorado to see as much of it as we could.

So after many years of dreaming and opportunity came our way. I was offered a job in cancer research, a field I have been in for many years, in Colorado. More specifically the Denver area. So after a few interviews I was hired and we were looking up the cost of moving trucks.

I know for some people, this move seemed fast. For us this dream had been put on hold many times. We stayed where we were at times for our own reasons and at other times to make other people happy. But, in the end, what we learned is the people who care will support you no matter what. Plus what a great new vacation spot for our friends and family we left in Arkansas.

Things have been great so far. However, there are adjustments that had to be made. First of all the air is dry and thin. In Arkansas the air hangs heavy with humidity. Here my hair is flatter than ever (big deal to a southern woman). Secondly, apartment living. Our house in Arkansas is on the market. Until that sells we are in an apartment. Pros and cons for sure. I love how little clutter there is because almost everything we own is in storage but I also miss having a yard and more space for the dogs to run around. Right now we are all a little on top of each other.

To be here though and starting a new journey with Jared is amazing. We have learned a lot about ourselves and about what we can do. We are lucky to be surrounded be so many great people and we look forward to everything this new journey has in store for us.


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