Holiday Wreath DIY

Since we have moved into an apartment I have put most of my holiday decorations away. But, I still wanted something that made this place feel like home. To me the front porch of a house says a lot about a person. Is there anything more southern than a front porch, rocking chair, and some sweet tea? So I knew I had to dress up the entrance to our home. What better way than to make a wreath?

The most important part about a wreath is deciding a theme. I know that sounds dramatic for a wreath, but trust me it helps in the long run. I know I wanted something that was rustic and not to clean looking or modern. I wanted something that was warm and inviting. Like I said, your front porch, or in this case my front gate, says a lot about a home. If you do not already have floral wire and hot glue don’t forget to add that to your list too!

I made a list of supplies and got ready for a craft night and dinner with my best friend. We went to Michael’s and I went right to work. My list included greenery, battery operated lights, red holly berries, burlap ribbon, and I wanted a pop of white.

For my pop of white I ended up picking out three small wooden snowflakes and painting them a crisp white. The great thing about all the wooden props is that you can customize them all. There is always a wide variety of shapes, letters, and styles to go with just about any project.


To build my wreath I chose a grapevine wreath base. I love grapevine wreaths. There is something about them that feels really neutral. Like I can go just about any direction with it and the grapevine allows me to weave things in and out or build upon it. Next, I took the battery operated lights and did my best to evenly weave them through the grapevine. I did not want it to sit right on top where you can see the wire so I tried to push it down a little into the wreath so it gave a warm glow.

Building upon the wreath base and the lights I decided to add my greenery. I bought one medium sized piece of greenery. Something that you could use in a floral arrangement. It has a few small pine cones, some red holly berries, evergreen and pine tree mix, and a sturdy stem. I bent the stem down and buried it in the wreath. I used my green floral wire to secure the small sections and to give it a more even look. After that was secure I took the three extra holly berry bunches and set them into my greenery using floral wire.I wanted to bulk it up and brighten up the greenery.


In order to make sure my snowflakes looked great I did three light coats of bright white. Once they were dry I hot glued floral wire to the back so I could put them into the wreath. Using the red burlap ribbon I made a bow and using the tan burlap ribbon I wrapped it around the wreath from the top of the greenery to the bottom. Using some hot glue I added my bow to the base of the greenery and I used the wire on the back of my snow flakes to secure the snowflakes in. I love the look of the snowflakes on the wire as apposed to being glued directly on the wreath. But, everyone is different. So do you!

Lastly, since I planned to hang this from the gate, I cute some twine and make a loop to attached to the top of my wreath to hang on the gate.

The best part about making the wreath wasgetting to have a craft night with my best friend. We listened to Christmas music and got to catch up on things that were going on. Plus, it was a great reason to have dinner together with our families and just get to hang out before the rush of the Holiday seasons are upon us.


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